Best tips for curly hair beginners

written by Christina

Published on Jan 8, 2022

If you have naturally curly hair, you know the struggle is real when it comes to caring for and styling your curls. Curly hair is often difficult to manage and takes years of practice to discover the perfect mix of products and techniques that will work for your specific curls.

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We all have a curl type. The three major curl types are wavy, curly, and coily. A person’s curl type is determined by the shape of their hair as well as its texture. A person’s curl type is determined by the shape of their hair as well as its texture. Choosing products and techniques according to them will allow you to achieve a style that will best match your needs. Here are a few of our best curly hair tips and tricks to help curly-haired girls a hairstyle for a special event, a new way to wash your curls, or just some general advice on how to style your curls.

Washing Curly Hair

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Curly Hair Routine

There are many different types of curls that may not react the same way to products or techniques. Finding the right regimen for your particular type of curls may take some trial and error, but once you have found that perfect routine, things will be much easier on your head.

Don’t Overwash

Naturally, our curly hair is on the drier side. It’s not your fault, it’s just the way it is. The most that you can do is to not make them any drier and more damaged. Shampooing your hair every day can strip off the hair’s natural scalp, especially those that contain chemicals like sulphate and paraben. So limit your shampoo days. There are many alternative ways to clean your hair like “no-poo” or the “co-wash”.


Another alternative to cleansing your hair is to co-wash. Co-washing means washing your hair using a conditioning cleanser. There are many co-wash products available in the market that are effective in cleaning your hair and scalp without stripping your natural oil.

Deep Conditioning

If you have frizzy hair, it might be time to start using deep conditioning. Deep conditioning is different from regular conditioners because it penetrates the hair shaft and hydrates curls from within. This will help curl strands resist tangles, which can eliminate frizz.

Use a t-shirt over a towel for drying curly hair

Towels can be too rough for your curls. So instead, use an old and soft t-shirt to dry your curls. Also, using your old t-shirt you can do plopping to make your curls more defined. If you haven’t heard of hair plopping yet, then it’s time to get out of the cave you are living in.

How To Style Your Curly Hair

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Use a diffuser when you blow-dry

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As much as possible, it is best to air-dry your hair. The heat from the blow dryer can further damage the hair. But on occasions that you will use a blow-dryer, use a diffuser attachment. Diffusers are round attachments to your blow dryer nozzle that disperses air in a wider area. Most diffusers come in a bowl shape. This allows your curls to sit on the diffuser so it can keep their natural pattern when drying the hair.

Detangle your hair with your finger or wide-toothed comb

Detangle your curls in the shower or after a shower while your hair is still by running your fingers to your curls or using a wide-tooth comb. A fine-tooth comb is a big no-no for our curls.

Use heat protectant and low heat setting when flat ironing

I understand that every now and then, you want to change your hairstyle and go for straight hair for a new look. You got my blessing! But before you apply heat to your hair, spray it with a good heat protectant to keep hair from drying. Heat protectants shield the hair from heat and prevent your hair from getting fried and damaged.

Choose gels and cream to style and moisturize your hair

When choosing the best moisturizer for your hair, choose one with a cream or gel consistency. The thicker formula can make the product cling to your hair better. Choose creams and gel with a light formulation so there will be not much product build-up on your hair and scalp.

Use only a small amount of anti-frizz serum in your hair

Curly hair can be prone to frizz. Oil serum and leave-in conditioner are products that can instantly tame your frizz. But don’t be too excited. A little goes a long way for most of this product. You will be surprised that a pea-sized amount can give a big coverage. And remember that the more product you put in your hair, the more gunk you will have.

How To Refresh Your Hair

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Spritz your hair with water to quickly revive your curls

We purchase so many moisturizing and hydrating products for our hair that we forget the wonders of water. Super basic and yet super effective in refreshing our curls and taming frizz. 

Add a leave-in conditioner if your hair needs shine and fragrance

Leave-in conditioners are an instant solution when your hair starts to lose moisture and gets frizzy. For those who love hanging outdoors, a leave-in conditioner is a must inside your bag. They can also add fragrance for that refreshing feel. 

How Can I Protect My Curly Hair Overnight?

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Put your hair in a protective hairstyle before you sleep

The pineapple hairstyle was invented to protect the hair from getting damaged while sleeping. Tie your curls in a loose bun before you sleep to keep your hair from rubbing from your pillows. This way, you can protect your hair from the friction that can cause breakage. And it won’t hurt to sleep looking stylish. 

Use a silk or satin pillowcase to reduce friction

Even when you sleep, you need to pamper your hair and your skin with a soft and silky pillowcase. The smooth surface of satin and silk pillowcases reduces the friction that can cause hair breakage. Also, they do not absorb oil and moisture so you don’t lose the precious natural oil in your hair and scalp.     


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