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30 curly bob hairstyle you can try this year 2021

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A curly bob is one style that never runs out of style! The curly bob is a classic style that is very popular among women hairstyle. Find out why the curly bob never runs out of style. There are many different ways to style that curly bob and we got them here. We listed down the different styles for you to choose from. Here are 30 different curly bob hairstyles which will inspire you to get that new look. From short to long, natural to synthetic we got everything covered. We will give you advice on which hairstyle is perfect for your face shape. And helpful tips on how to maintain those luscious curls. So jump into the wagon and see for yourself the perfect new do for your crowning glory! Read more and get yourself ready for your next trip to the salon. Prepare for that new look and reinvent yourself with a classic hairstyle.
Move over long hair! Here comes the bob…not just “the bob” but curly bob! Long and straight hair is so yesterday and it is time to give that crowning glory a fresh new do! This year, curly bob is making waves (no pun intended).
The bob is a classic hairstyle that is very popular for women. This hairstyle is short to medium in length and is usually cut along the jawline. There are many variations of a bob cut like the buzz-cut bob, inverted bob or the shaggy bob. But let us focus on the most trending variation which is the curly bob. Thanks to the Hollywood a-listers, curly bob hairstyles are trending nowadays on the red carpet.
The curly bob hairstyle is a popular choice for women. It is low-maintenance and hassle-free especially fit for women with busy lifestyles. Apart from the waves, finding the right length is important to rock this hairstyle. For women with a long face, it is best to have a short bob. This will lessen the elongation of your face. For women with a rounded face, it is best to cut below the chin.
Here are some curly bob hairstyles to inspire you for that next haircut.
Women with curly hair have the advantage of rocking this hairstyle. Your natural waves are ready and you need to add the style. You can go for a short bob or a medium bob depending on the shape of your face.

 Curly bob with bangs

Curly bob with bangs
Source: Instagram @handcrafted_curls

Curly bob hairstyle with bangs gives that effortless cool chic vibe. Plus it makes you look younger and fresher! But be careful styling that bangs. Some bangs if not styled properly will look like a ramen noodle on your forehead. It is best to ask your stylist for advice on the length of your bangs.

Curly stacked bob

Curly Stacked Bob
Source: Instagram @nurturesalonandspa

This curly bob hairstyle is one of the most common styles in the ’60s and it never gets old. This is a short bob with a full-bodied shape at the back. This short bob will suit all kinds of face shape but is best for women with an elongated face.

Curly bob with deep side

Curly bob with deep side
Source: Instagram @curlhairstyle

Where you part your hair gives an additional edge to your style. A centre part will give symmetry to the face but a side part will highlight the stronger part of your face. Part your curly bob hairstyle on a deep side for that sexy and sultry look. This deep side part will give you volume and will bring to life those waves!

Cute messy curls

Cute messy curl
Source: Instagram @curlygallal

Cute messy bob is a favourite for women who wants a simple and easy everyday look. This hairstyle looks effortless but still cool and chic. It gives you the “I woke up like this” vibe. This is best for those with natural waves and does not need any styling or maintenance.

Stacked curls with baby bangs

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Stacked curls with baby bangs
Source: Instagram @charrvictory

Stacked curl with baby bangs is a great way to cover that oversized forehead but still keeping it cute and chic. You need to identify the perfect length for your bangs. And be careful to style it well so it will not stick out of your forehead looking like a missed cut.

Curly wedge bob

Curly Wedge
Source: Instagram @micashairhaus

This triangular-shaped bob is similar to the stacked bob. But this one has more styling with an A-line cut. Stacked bob at the back with the length getting slightly longer in the front. This curly bob hairstyle will give you volume and chic style.

Curly asymmetrical bob

Curly asymmetrical bob.jpg
Source: Instagram @evita_rammos_salon

This is one popular curly bob trend. This hairstyle matches all face shape and needs very little maintenance. This cut is one side shorter and the other is longer in length. This is best done on with a side part with a deeper parting on the shorter side. Try this look for a sexy yet elegant look.

Long curly layered bob

Long layered bob
Source: Instagram @lynnkatee

This haircut is fit for women who are reluctant to get that super short haircut. The length of this hairstyle is between the chin and collar bone. This is best suited for round-faced women. This is also perfect for women with naturally wavy hair so there is no need for a lot of styling.

Shaggy bob

Shaggy Bob
Source: [email protected]

Shaggy bob is the not so perfect bob. This hairstyle is done by adding a choppy end to create layers and texture. This might look like an unfinished haircut but if done properly, this will look very chic and cool. This is fit for women who are not too conscious about having a perfect hair day.

Frizzy bob

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Frizzy curly bob
Source: Pinterest

If you can’t beat them, join them! So stop worrying about your frizzy hair and style them with curly waves! This is best for women with naturally frizzy hair. Another “I woke up like this” hairstyle. But waking up feeling chic and pretty!

Voluminous bob

Volume bob
Source: Instagram @curlhairstyle

This curly bob hairstyle is an easy do. Perfect for straight-haired women who want to get volume from simple styling. This can be done permanently or temporarily. If you want a fast and gorgeous hairstyle with volume for a night out, then this hairstyle is for you.

Springy curls

Springy curls
Source: Pinterest

This curly bob hairstyle is one that demands time and effort. But once done, you will get that airy and voluminous curls that we all envy! This springy curl is perfect for petite women who need a little more height. This may look heavy but trust us, this is very light and easy on the head.

Curly angled bob

Angled curly bob
Source: Instagram @ashleydstylistmt

The curly angled bob is a layered bob that starts from the nape to the neck. This is very similar to curly wedge bob but this has layers. The layers on this hairstyle remove the excessive volume for easier styling. This is best for women with thick and voluminous hair.

Middle part bob

Middle part Bob
Source: Instagram @a.dai.sha

This hairstyle is sleek and very stylish. Perfect for women who are living life like a boss. This hairstyle is perfect for rounded face or heart-shaped face to create a balance. Though this hairstyle will need a serious styling for the sleek profile in the forehead.

Inverted curly bob

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Inverted curly bob
Source: lovehairstyles.com

This inverted bob hairstyle is very similar to a curly stack bob but on an A-line cut. The longer side in the front gives makes the face look less elongated. While the stacked curls at the back bring the volume. This hairstyle is perfect for women with a long-shaped face.

Textured curly hair

Textured curly bob
Source: Pinterest

This hairstyle is perfect for women who have natural waves and curls in their hair. This is a layered bob that makes the edges of the hair look dishevelled but in a good way. Textured curly hair provides lift to the hair. Perfect for straight-haired women who want to try a subtle curl.

Spiralled or dev cut

Spiraled curly bob
Source: Instagram @atoya_thecurlyhairstudio

This kind of hairstyling follows the natural curls of the hair. It is like sculpting the hair. This technique of hairstyling should be done on dry hair. This will allow the stylist to see the natural curl pattern so as not to disrupt the flow of the curls. This is a specialized technique that needs proper training for the stylist.

Tousled curls

Tousled Bob
Source: Pinterest

This hairstyle is super chic and effortless, yet very elegant. The soft curls give the hair the airy feeling and lightness. This hairstyle is fit for women with fine hair strands for that airy and light feeling. For women with thicker hair, a layered cut can give you the bounce of this tousled hairstyle.

Round bob

Round Bob
Source: Instagram @oliviacalabio

If you want volume but not the loud curls, this hairstyle is for you. This is very similar to the stacked bob, but with fewer curls. This hairstyle is more on the wavy side. Perfect for women with short and straight hair who want to have more volume and definition in their hair.

Choppy bob

Choppy Bob
Source: Instagram @capellistyle.it

Choppy bob is a hairstyle with a lot of different layers to create texture on the hair. The different layers give movement and volume to the hair. This hairstyle will give women with thin hair the volume that they want. This particular hairstyle is best for short to medium hair length.

Jaw-length curly bob

Jaw length curly bob
Source: Instagram @girl_with_the_curl_

As the name says, this bob is jaw length. Quite simple and straight-forward but can be styled in many ways. You can do middle part or side part and this hairstyle will still look fabulous. This hairstyle will work for all face shape. This will also make the neck look longer and accentuates the jawline.

Vintage bob

Vintage curly bob
Source: Instagram @miss.sweet.scarlett

This hairstyle is a classic, hence the name. Vintage curly bob gives off that Gatsby vibe. This hairstyle is very elegant and classy. But you will need to give some time and love as this needs styling to keep the curls in perfect shape. Add some accessories or jewellery to get that Hollywood feel!

Loose curly bob

Loose curly bob
Source: Pinterest

The loose curly bob is best for shoulder length hair. This hairstyle is perfect for women with straight or curly hair who want a new look. The simple waves can give a different look in a subtle way. This can be done either straight or with a slight A-line cut. For that sophisticated yet effortless look.

Short curly bob

Short curly bob
Source: Instagram @curly.cami

If you are ready to let go of those locks and try a drastic change, this one is for you. The short curly bob is a stylish way to remove all those excess hair lengths. This hairstyle is very fresh and light, perfect for summer. The length of this hairstyle is perfect to elongate the neck and highlight the jawline.

Curly lob

Curly lob
Source: Instagram @curlfrann

This hairstyle is medium in length running between the neck and the collarbone. The curly lob is perfect for women with naturally curly hair who want to showcase their curls. Less styling and more natural look. This is flattering for women with a rounded face.

Afro bob

Afro Bob
Source: Instagram @curlhairstyle

This is what every straight-haired girl dream of! The natural, light and bouncy fine curls are to die for! This hairstyle will fit all face shapes. But we have to concede, this is perfect for coloured women. The combination of coloured skin and Afro bob is extremely beautiful!

Sew-in curl

Sew in curly bob
Source: Instagram @thegroovyem

If you want a curl but does not have the hair length, then this is for you. This is the fastest way to get the curl without waiting for your hair to grow longer. You need to find the perfect hair extension to match your natural hair. This should be done by professionals to ensure that you get the best curls that you want.

Long curly bob

Long curly bob
Source: Instagram @atoya_thecurlyhairstudio

This haircut is fit for women who do not want that super short haircut. The length of this hairstyle is between the neck and collar bone. This is also perfect for women with naturally wavy hair so there is no need for a lot of styling. You can go for bold curls or soft curls. Both will still look stylish and chic.

Soft waves

Soft Waves
Source: Instagram @mon_coiffeur_lille

This hairstyle is effortless and very relaxed. It feels airy and bouncy. Soft waves can be done using a hair iron for temporary styling. This can also be done permanently in the salon. This is for women who want to look stylish and classy and yet effortless.
There are infinite ways to style your hair and curly bob is just one of them. This hairstyle is a classic for a reason. No matter what your face shape or skin complexion is, there will always be a curly bob hairstyle for you. Some can be done permanently in the salon. Some can be done at home. Doing these hairstyles at home requires patience and practice. Beauty does not come easy girls! You will also need to buy hair products to protect your hair from the damage caused by regular styling.
Whether you choose to style at home or in the salon, always do your homework. Make research of what hairstyle fits your lifestyle and your face shape. If you are used to your long hair and want to try a shorter hairstyle, you need to be ready for this drastic change. But do not worry, your hair will grow back anyway. So style it and rock that bob!

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