15 Curly hair accessories you must try

written by Christina

Published on November 26, 2021

Whether you have long, short, curly or straight hair, admit it! You have one too many hair accessories. No matter what event or what colour your outfit is, surely there is a matching ponytail or headband in your closet. Apart from styling your curls, hair accessories also protect your hair from damages. You may not know it but your ponytail and your headscarf protect your hair from damage and dryness. Accessories your hair in many different ways. And there are many different hair accessories and you will never run out of choices. Here are 15 of our favourite curly hair accessories.

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Ponytail Clip

An easy way to take your hair to new heights. This clip anchors in place and works with all hair types to leave you looking fresh all day. For all types of hair.

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Get a great ponytail every time with this ponytail clip. This hair clip is strong enough to keep even the thickest hairstyles in place, but gentle enough to avoid pulling. Whether your hair is naturally curly or straight, this universal clip will make sure all your hair stays put. Finally, a quick and easy way to get a great hairdo without the hassle.

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Satin Lined Cap

Premium quality satin-lined satin cap suitable for your active lifestyle or even just for sleeping. It has a unique adjustment system that makes it suitable for any size of head. The large headroom can fit voluminous hair without flattening the curls.

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This is one of my favourite hair accessories of all! From summer to winter and even any occasion, this accessory never fails me. It comes in many different colours and designs so no matter what styling mood I am in, there is one to wear. The best part is that it has a satin lining so my hair is protected.

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Gold Hair Cuffs

200 adjustable gold cuffs for accessorizing your braids and your twists. The adjustable cuff is compatible with any size of your braids. It can also be used as a hair accessory to add style to a simple ponytail or hair extensions.

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Look expensive and stylish with these adjustable gold cuffs. Use this if you want to add colour and bling to your braids and twists, or if you just want to glam up your simple ponytail. Just be careful not to adjust too many times or else it will break.

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Hair Barrettes 

Glam up your hairstyle with this set of colourful and stylish clips, pins and barrettes. The set comes with acrylic resin and crystal hairpins, hand-made barrettes and gold bobby pins. Mix and match from the 28-piece accessory set and add style to your curls.

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For women like me who live to accessories and to glam up my curls, I highly recommend this set. 28 pieces of colourful and stylish hair accessories that you can wear over a picnic or a formal dinner date. My favourite from the set is the colourful and uber-chic handmade barrettes.  

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Bedazzled Hair Pin

Bedazzled letter bobby pins gold hold tightly with whatever thick or thin hair, shiny and elegant, simple design makes you attractive in the crowd.
These gold or silver hairpins have metal plating clip surfaces, are not easy to rust, smooth surface that makes it more comfortable to wear can serve you for a long time due to their durability. 

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When I feel like being girly, this is my go-to accessories. This is super versatile and wearable for many different events. You can choose letters according to your preferences. This design makes it perfect when I want to glam up for a dinner date or night out with my girls.

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Satin Scrunchie

Prevent frizz and breakage with Kitsch Pro Satin Scrunchies. Made from good quality Charmeuse Satin that it will not harm your hair strands and will not leave a mark or a bend on your hair. It comes in a set of 5 with 4 different colours to choose from. 

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The very basic hair accessory that every curl girl needs! A satin scrunchie is our curly hair best friend when it comes to simple but efficient hair styling. It can also be used during bedtime as protection from friction against pillow covers.

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These bows are made up of satin fabric has a set of 6 different colours. It has a durable french metal barrette clip attached at the cack of the bow.

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When it comes to styling your hair, bows are the number one hair accessory on the list. Everyone wants a bow in her head no matter what the occasion. These beautiful and colourful bows come in a pack of 6 to match whatever outfit you are wearing.

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Style your hair with this lightweight, comfortable and colourful headband. It comes in a set of 6 in different colours to match any outfit and any occasion. The wide headband stays in place and perfectly holds your voluminous curly hair.

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Fast, efficient, easy and stylish. That is the best thing about headbands. No need for complicated hairstyles. Just place your colourful and stylish headband on your head and let them do the styling! The best thing about this headband is it has a wide size so it can hold firmly especially those with voluminous curly hair.

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Coloured Bobby Pins

50 pieces decorative and colourful bobby pins for general use. Made from high-quality and eco-friendly bake-painted metal that will not fade and is smooth on the skin. It comes in 10 colours with smooth edges to avoid scratching your skin and scalp. 

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Gone are the days when bobby pins are just black. Now, bobby pins come in a variety of colours that you can use to accessories and add colour to your hair styling. The set comes in 50 pieces that can hold any hair thickness.

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Head Wrap

Soft and lightweight headwrap made from 100% polyester jersey. At 70 inches long, it is a great choice for those with long and voluminous hair. It comes in a wide variety of designs and colours to match whatever styling mood you are in.

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There are days when I don’t feel like styling my hair. Or on cold days when I feel like wrapping myself from head to foot to protect myself from the cold. Headwrap does the styling for me. 

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Printed Head Scarf

Feel elegant smooth and soft when you touch this mulberry satin silk scarf it is also gently and breathable, the elastic is excellent. The fabric is lightweight, breathable and skin-friendly. Perfect for all seasons.

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The scarf is one of the most common accessories because of its versatility and variety of designs. You can see anybody wearing a scarf as a head wrap or neck wrap. Sometimes as an accessory to another accessory. Owning a few colourful pieces will surely make your styling more colourful and fun.

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Colourful Comb Clips

For wavy, curly and straight hair, you will have a size fit for your hair type. The set comes with 10 pieces of 14 teeth, 15 teeth and 23 teeth perfect for all hair thickness. Made from lightweight but durable quality plastic with a curve design to fit the shape of the head.

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This hair accessory has been around for ages and most likely, you have owned a piece or two. Why not? This accessory is very easy to use and this does the job. I always use this to keep my bangs off of my forehead or when I want to put a dash of colour on my low bun.

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Stylish Metal Claw Clips

Simple and elegant hair accessories that tightly secure any length and hair thickness. It is made from metal to ensure durability especially for women with long and thick hair. The metal teeth are rounded to prevent scratching the skin and the scalp.

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Another hair accessory that I am sure you, your mother and even your grandmother have! A metal claw clip. This only shows the reliability and effectiveness of this hair accessory. The gold colour of this metal claw clip makes it perfect for styling your hair at casual and formal events. 

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Banana Clip

Colourful hair clincher that comes in a set of 9 bright and floral designs. The bohemian style hair accessory is made from high-quality and durable resin plastic that can hold thick and long curly hair. Light and easy to carry with round teeth to avoid scratching of the skin.

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This is another one of my favourite hair accessories. The banana shape of this clip makes it a comfortable and a perfect fit for the shape of the head. Plus the outer circle is wrapped in colourful fabrics for that extra colour in your head.

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Wedding Hair Accessories

The chic design will make you elegant and beautiful, you will attract everyone’s eyes and become a shining star, suitable for parties, dances, weddings, everyday life, photography, etc. Also a suitable gift for your loved ones.

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The handmade and high-quality accessory is made from rhinestone beads, artificial pearl and polished metal wire. The perfect accessory for the bride or bridesmaid that can also be worn on other formal events. A statement piece that is perfect for women with all types of curly hair. 

We all love accessorizing our hair. There are way too many accessories available in the market that it’s hard to choose which one to buy. For those with curly hair, pick an accessory that compliments the thickness and length of your hair. Choose a hair accessory that can protect your hair from further damage and even breakage. Accessories are not only to add colour and design to your hairstyle. They are also there to protect your curls while making you look pretty and chic.


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