Top 10 Curly hair Mistakes to Avoid

written by Christina

Published on Aug 5, 2022

Are you tired of spending hours every week styling your hair only to see it frizz out or get tangled? If yes, then you should definitely read this article. In this post, I’ll share some common mistakes curly hair women tend to commit and offer solutions to them.

Curly hair has its own unique challenges. The curls are naturally wavy and they don’t always stay put. They also easily break off from their roots. This makes it challenging to manage and style curly hair effectively.

Here are some common mistakes curly hair ladies make and ways to prevent them.

Curly hair is beautiful but also very fragile. It needs special attention to keep it healthy and looking great. Avoid these common curly hair mistakes!

Common curly hair mistakes

1. Over-Cleansing​

How often you wash your hair is a personal decision that varies depending on the hair type. These can include things like how much natural oil your scalp produces, how often you work out, and so on. However, people with curly hair are generally advised to wash their hair less often because it is drier than straight hair. This is because curly hair benefits from the presence of natural oils, which are stripped away by shampooing too frequently.

Washing your hair too often can cause dryness, which can lead to damage, frizz and breakage. For best results, only wash your hair once or twice a week according to your hair type.

Tips: If you find that regular shampoos are too harsh and dry your hair, try using a co-wash on your wash days. Co-wash is a cleansing conditioner that gently clears away scalp buildup while promoting optimal hydration.

2. Wrong way of drying your hair

women drying her hair

The best way to dry curly hair is to air-dry it whenever possible. To speed up the drying process, gently scrunch your curls and towel off the excess water with a cotton t-shirt or microfiber towel before you air-dry your locks.

If you are using a blow dryer to dry your hair, use the diffuser attachment. This styling tip helps limit the amount of direct heat and forceful air hitting your strands. By using a diffuser, you’ll be able to keep your curls from being tossed around too much while you dry. This, in turn, creates less friction and less frizz, promoting the appearance of healthy hair.

Tip: It’s important to use a heat protectant on your hair before using any hot styling tools, like a blow-dryer. A great option is our custom hair serum, which can protect your hair from damage caused by heat up to 400 degrees.

3. Not using Leave in- conditioner

Your hair isn’t just in need of a conditioner in the shower, textured curls and ringlets need a product that will give long-lasting moisture and protection to reduce tangles. A leave-in conditioner is a great investment as it provides your hair with every moisture it needs and also forms a barrier around your hair to help protect the curl pattern from detangling and frizz that could damage your curls.

Tip: A deep conditioning hair mask is an excellent way to take care of curly hair. You can use it weekly to provide nourishment.

4. Skipping conditioner

women applying conditioner

Dry, dull, and frizzy hair is often a problem for people with curly or coily hair types. That’s why it’s so important to keep your hair hydrated by using conditioner regularly. You should be using conditioner according to your hair type and hair texture to keep your curls smooth and strong. Coconut oil, shea butter, avocado oil, and aloe vera are some of the good ingredients that will keep your curls in place.

Tip: You can do the pineapple method at night Rinsing your hair with your head back can make your curls lie flat, causing them to lose volume and definition.

5. Choosing the wrong products

Choosing wrong products for curly hair

People are drawn to trendy, hyped products, regardless of whether or not they are actually good for them. It is important to understand how a product will affect your hair and to select items that correspond to your needs or preferences.

Tip: Alway buy products according to your hair type and problems.

6. Using a normal hair brush

Detangling curly hair can be difficult, but using the right brush can help. Select a brush that is specifically designed for curly hair to help detangle without damaging the hair. Always use a detangling brush on wet or damp hair to avoid breakage.

Tip: The most popular hair brush among people with curly hair is the Denman brush. It can quickly detangle hair without damaging it or causing frizz, and also gives your hair nice curl definition and extra volume.

7. Using Sulfates Products

Sulphates are known to strip away natural oils and moisture from the hair, leaving it brittle and frizzy. This is especially true for textured hair, which is often already dry and prone to breakage. While sulphates can be found in many shampoos, conditioners, and other hair products, they are not necessary and can actually do more harm than good. If you have textured hair, look for sulphate-free products to help keep your hair healthy and hydrated.

Tip: Try using a moisture-based product and finishing oil to seal, define, and eliminate frizz.

8. Not giving attention to bedtime curly hair routine

Many women with curly hair often wonder how they can sleep without ruining their hairstyle. It may seem high maintenance, but protecting your hair while you sleep is crucial in order to maintain healthy delicate spirals. Cotton fabric, no matter how expensive your sheets might be, is still too harsh on your strands. Cotton can absorb your hair’s natural oils while you sleep, which can lead to dryness.

Tip: Try wrapping your hair in a silk or satin scarf or sleeping on a silk pillowcase (Hair plopping). These simple tricks will help preserve your curl pattern and reduce the amount of friction they’re exposed to throughout the night.

9. Too much heat and chemical styling

applying chemical products

Too much chemical and heat styling can lead to hair damage. This is because these treatments can strip away the natural oils that protect your hair, leaving it dry and susceptible to breakage. In addition, over-using hot tools can actually change the structure of your hair, making it weaker and more prone to damage. To avoid these problems, be sure to use gentle, sulphate-free shampoos and conditioners, and limit your use of hot styling tools.

Tip: Use a heat protectant before using any type of hair styling tool. This will help protect your hair from the heat and chemicals. It is important to remember that it is not just the products you use, but also how often you use them, that matters.

10. Skipping Out On Seasonal Trims

If you don’t cut off split ends, they will continue to fray and make your hair look frazzled and unhealthy. The best way to avoid this is to get a trim every six to eight weeks, or whenever you see split ends starting to form.

Tip: You can also use a deep conditioner at home to help keep your hair healthy and prevent split ends from forming in the first place.


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