15 Disney Princess Hairstyles for Your Mini Majesty : Magical Mane Moments

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Published on Mar 27, 2024

Disney Pincess hairstyles

Introducing a magical collection of enchanting Disney Princess hairstyles tailored for your little majesty! In this captivating blog, we’ll explore 15 delightful hairstyles inspired by iconic Disney Princesses, creating a world where every little one can embrace the magic of their unique curls. From Ariel’s beachy waves to Rapunzel’s long and flowing locks, join us on a journey through the whimsical realm of hairstyles fit for mini royalty. Get ready to transform your child’s tresses into a realm of magical mane moments that will make them feel like the princess they truly are.

Cinderella’s Ball-Ready Curls

Step into Cinderella’s world with our guide to achieving her elegant ball-ready curls. Learn the steps to recreate her iconic hairstyle for special occasions, accompanied by recommended curly hair products and accessories to perfect your look. Feel like royalty and make a grand entrance with flawless curls inspired by the beloved princess herself.

Cinderella hairideas
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Elsa’s Icy Braided Crown

Little princesses can feel like they’ve stepped into a winter wonderland with Elsa’s icy braided crown.This regal hairstyle intertwines strands of hair in a majestic braid, adorned with glittering ornaments that shimmer like freshly fallen snow. Elsa’s hairstyle captures the enchanting elegance of a fairy-tale princess, perfect for any young dreamer longing to reign over her kingdom of ice and snow.

Elsa hairstyle by noemi espinosa.29

Ariel’s Mermaid Waves

Dive into the whimsical world under the sea with Ariel’s mermaid waves, for kids a hairstyle that captures the essence of ocean magic. Transform your little one into a sea-worthy beauty with an enchanting hairstyle inspired by Ariel’s underwater allure.

Start by weaving their hair into a whimsical fishtail braid, mimicking the mesmerizing movements of ocean waves. As the braid takes shape, incorporate tiny seashell accents along the strands to evoke the magic of the sea.

Ariel hairstyles by idohairbykmay

Belle’s Enchanting Updo

This enchanting Half updo captures the essence of Belle’s character, combining elements of sophistication and whimsy to create a truly magical look.

The hairstyle begins with a foundation of carefully twisted and braided strands, expertly woven together to form a structured yet romantic bun at the crown of the head. Delicate tendrils of hair frame the face, adding a soft and feminine touch to the overall style.Whether worn for a special occasion or simply to channel the timeless beauty of Belle, this enchanting updo is sure to captivate hearts and turn heads wherever it goes.

Belles Enchanting Updo
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Snow White’s Ribbon-Tied Curls

Achieving Snow White’s ribbon-tied curls is a magical journey for curly-haired enthusiasts. Start with a curl-defining routine using hydrating products. Allow your curls to air dry or use a diffuser, maintaining their natural shape.

Once your curls are ready, adorn them with the iconic ribbon. Choose a satin or silk ribbon, tie bows at the nape of your neck, and witness the transformation into a fairy-tale princess. Whether it’s for a special event or embracing your curls daily, Snow White’s style adds an enchanting touch. Embrace the magic and let your curls shine with this timeless hairstyle!

Snow Whites Ribbon Tied Curls
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Rapunzel’s Long and Lovely Locks

Let down your hair and embrace the magic of Rapunzel’s long and lovely locks, cascading like golden sunshine for little ones.

This messy flowing hairstyle captures the enchantment of endless possibilities, with strands that seem to dance with each step. Whether braiding flowers or letting hair flow freely in the wind, little dreamers will feel like true princesses.

Rapunzels Long and Lovely Locks
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Jasmine’s Exotic Curly Ponytail

Embark on a magic carpet ride with Jasmine’s exotic curly ponytails, a hairstyle that captures the allure of distant lands and daring adventures.

Whether soaring through starlit skies or exploring bustling marketplaces, little adventurers will feel like princesses of their tales, just like daring to dream beyond the confines of her stepmother’s house.

Jasmines Exotic Curly Ponytail
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Mulan’s Warrior-Inspired Braid

When it comes to Disney princess hairstyles, Mulan’s warrior-inspired braid stands out as one of the best.

This hairstyle is perfect for any young girl who wants to be a princess warrior, like Mulan. It’s so iconic that it’s become a popular choice for Halloween hairstyles. The braid itself is thick, thick enough to make even Ariel’s red hair come close. It’s finished off with a ribbon around the base, adding a touch of princess attire to the look.

Mulans Warrior Inspired Braid
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Tiana’s Lily Pad Puffs

When it comes to styling her two-year-old daughter’s hair, Tiana always goes for the best hairstyle. Tiana’s Lily Pad Puffs salon has become known for its ability to transform little girls’ hair into movie magic.

Tiana’s skill in creating hairdos has even caught the attention of the first Disney princess, Belle, who now wears her hair in a low ponytail just like Tiana’s signature look. With lots and lots of braids, princesses Ariel, Pocahontas, and Aurora are all lining up to get their hair done by Tiana.

Tianas Lily Pad Puffs
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Pocahontas’ Windswept Waves

Pocahontas’ long, flowing locks resemble the natural beauty of a wild and free spirit, much like the wind that blows through the trees.

Unlike the structured buns of Jasmine or the neat top knot of Belle, Pocahontas’ hair seems to have a mind of its own, effortlessly blowing in the breeze. Her hair is reminiscent of the untamed tresses of Elsa from the movie Frozen, with a touch of elegance and grace.

The way her braid is finished with feathers and beads adds to the earthy and natural feel of her look, making it perfect for a casual day in the forest or even a fancy prom at the palace. 

Pocahontas hair
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Moana’s Island Princess Twist

Moana’s Island Twist for young ones is a delightful and enchanting tale that combines the adventure of Moana with the classic beauty and grace of a princess. In this story, Moana discovers a magical frog that leads her on a journey to uncover the secrets of her island.

Along the way, she encounters new friends and allies, including the brave Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Belle wears her iconic yellow gown as she joins Moana in her quest, bringing her strength and determination to the mix.

Together, they navigate the challenges of the island, and Moana learns important lessons about bravery, friendship, and the power of believing in herself. 

Moana hair ideas
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Aurora’s Dreamy Halo Braid

Aurora’s Dreamy Halo Braid is a beautiful and romantic hairstyle that is perfect for any special occasion. This ethereal braid creates a halo-like effect around the head, giving off an angelic and dreamy vibe.

It is a versatile hairstyle that can be dressed up or down, making it suitable for weddings, proms, or even everyday wear. To achieve this look, start by creating a center part and then begin braiding two halo braids on each side of the head. Once both braids are completed, gently pull and loosen the hair to create a fuller and more voluminous effect.

To complete the dreamy halo braid, add some flowers, ribbons, or delicate hair accessories for an extra touch of elegance. This stunning hairstyle is sure to make anyone feel like a fairy-tale.

Auroras hhairstyles
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Merida’s Brave and Beautiful Curls

Merida’s adventurous spirit is beautifully embodied in her signature hairstyle—a cascade of voluminous curls that mirror the untamed and free-spirited essence of the courageous Scottish princess.

Each curl springs forth with a sense of spontaneity and energy, echoing the wild beauty of the Highlands. The curls, ranging from tight coils to loose waves, intertwine and dance with every movement, exuding a sense of vivacity and vitality.

They are a representation of her refusal to conform to traditional expectations and her determination to forge her path.

Merida hair for kids
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Frozen Sisters’ Coordinated Styles

When it comes to Frozen Sisters’ Coordinated Styles, Elsa and Anna always manage to look effortlessly chic and put together. From their color-coordinated outfits to their matching accessories, the two sisters have a knack for staying in sync without looking too matchy-matchy.

Whether they are attending a royal event or simply enjoying a day in Arendelle, Elsa and Anna always manage to turn heads with their coordinated styles. From elegant ballgowns to casual trend dresses, the sisters always manage to complement each other’s looks while still showcasing their personalities.

Even during their icy adventures, the sisters always manage to stay stylish and coordinated. Their winter attire is not only functional but also fashionable, showing their attention to detail and love for coordinated styles. 

Frozen Sisters Coordinated Styles
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DIY Princess Hair Accessories

Whether it’s a sparkly tiara, a flowery headband, or a ribbon-wrapped clip, there are endless possibilities to explore for kids. These DIY accessories also make great gifts for birthday parties or playdates. Plus, it’s a fun way to spend quality time with your child, creating something special together.

By creating DIY hair accessories, you can also customize them to match different princess outfits or themes. Whether your little one wants to be a classic girl, a brave warrior, or a magical mermaid, you can tailor the accessories to suit her imagination.It’s a fantastic way to encourage creativity and imaginative play.

Hair accessories
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In conclusion, these Cinderella-inspired hairstyles offer a magical journey into the world of fairy-tale dreams and enchantment. Whether channeling the elegance of Elsa’s icy braided crown, the whimsy of Ariel’s mermaid waves, or the sophistication of Belle’s enchanting updo, each hairstyle captures a unique aspect of Cinderella’s timeless charm and grace.

From ribbon-tied curls inspired by Snow White’s sweetness to long and lovely locks reminiscent of Rapunzel’s ethereal beauty, these hairstyles invite young girls to step into their fairy-tale adventures.

Just as Cinderella’s story teaches us about the power of courage, kindness, and believing in one’s dreams, so too do these hairstyles remind us that every little one possesses the magic to create their own happily ever after. 


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