How To Figure Out Your Hair Density?

written by Christina

Published on Oct 23, 2022

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Hair density is often overlooked when it comes to learning about our naturally curly hair. However, it is key to finding the best products for your hair and understanding how to care for it properly.

People are often confused about hair density, they think that people with thick hair have a high density which is related but there are more things that people need to learn to take care of their hair type. All the questions in this article will answer all your problems related to hair density.

So, What is hair density?

Hair density doesn’t mean thick or thin hair. Thick hair prefers the width of the strands and hair density actually prefers a collective group of hair strands on your head as a whole. For better understanding let’s put it this way the number of hairs per square inch on your head (or scalp).

To get the best results for your hair, you should be aware of its density, porosity, and curl pattern. The density of your hair affects how much volume and shape it will have. This can differ greatly between people with natural, textured hair as opposed to straight hair.

If you have thick hair, you may in fact have highly dense hair, but someone with thin hair can have a ton of individual strands and still be highly dense. So, Your hair density plays an important part in achieving healthy locks.

How to determine your hair density?

Hair density is an important factor in determining the best hair care regimen. Hair density is a measure of the number of hairs per square centimeter on your head. It varies from person to person and often differs depending on ethnicity. It can be classified as low-density hair, medium, and high.

Low-density hair

Low-density hair means that there are fewer strands on your head than average. This also means that your scalp is visible, which can affect the thickness and fullness of your hair.

How to care for it

A lightweight conditioner and volumizing products are a must for low-density hair. These lightweight products will create volume and give you bouncy-looking hair. Try to avoid heavier products like hair cream, oils, butter, and thick conditioners, and stop layering hair products that will weigh your hair down.

For straight hair, Use a curling iron or wand to give yourself a wavy look by styling with lightweight products.

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For curly hair, You can simply style your hair by adding volumizing spray or hairstyles like Bantu knots and coiled buns.

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Medium-Density Hair

Medium hair density is a hair type that falls between fine and thick. It has a medium amount of strands, which makes it easier to style.

How to care for it

If you have medium-density hair you just need to focus on hydration to keep your hair healthy. The good thing about this hair density is you can change the volume of your hair and try different hairstyles and products. Try mousses, hair masks, and hair butter to decrease and try leave-in and lightweight conditioner to soften and moisturize curls.

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High-density hair

High hair density is when the hair on your head is packed more tightly together. In simple words, high-density hair has a lot of strands per square inch. This results in a denser, thicker head of hair.

How to care for high-density hair

If your hair falls under high-density hair, you will need heavy styling products like butter, oils, and gels when it comes to hair styling. These products will give your hair thinner look and also help to minimize frizz, restore moisture and define your curls better. Detangling can often be a problem for high-density hair so it is good to invest in a good comb and conditioner to work out the tangles.

For a thinner look, you can also try a layered haircut. For those who want to fuller and voluminous hair, they can just spray volume spray for long-lasting volume and body.

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How can you test your hair density at home?

There are different ways to measure your hair density at home. You can measure it by the ponytail method or you can do the scalp test.

The ponytail method

For this method, you have to tie your hair in a ponytail and measure the circumference of the ponytail – the thicker the ponytail, the higher the density. It is an easy way that helps you determine your hair density.

ponytail method

Ponytail circumference

Less than 2 inches Low-density hair

2–3 inches Medium density hair

4 inches High-density hair

The scalp test

the scalp test method

Before checking your hair in the mirror, make sure it is dry. Tilt your head slightly to see if your scalp is visible. Low-density hair has a relatively visible scalp, while high-density hair covers the scalp almost to the point of invisibility.

If you’re still struggling to figure it out after trying the methods above, ask your hairdresser or stylist next time you have an appointment. They’ll probably be happy to give you this information since they’re experienced.

Why does density matter?

knowing your hair density will help you to choose the right products, hairstyles and hair care routine for your hair. For example, lighter products are often preferable for those with low-density hair, as they are less likely to make the hair look greasy or lifeless. Medium-density hair usually does well with light leave-ins and spray-in leave-in conditioners, while thicker gels and creams are often ideal for those with high-density curly hair.


If you are confused about your hair density you are not the only one. Many people think that it is hard to know the hair density but you can measure it at home with the famous ponytail test or scalp test. This will help you to know your hair density and you can choose the right products for your hair type to have clean, healthy, and good-looking hair. To all the curlies out there all curls are beautiful if you have high, medium or low density.


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