20 Layered Curly Hairstyles for 2022

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A different version of wavy hairstyles according to the hair length!! Spice up your 2021 with our 20 cool and chic layered curly hairstyles. Say goodbye to your boring curls and say hello to a stylish new hairstyle! We got the hottest layered curly hairstyles for you. These hairstyles will help you to transform your hair from a flat curl to glorious and voluminous locks. From short hair, medium to long hair, we got it all for you! We got photos and descriptions so you can easily choose which style is for you. We already did the hard work so all you got to do is pick which hairstyle is perfect for you. Be inspired by our hairstyle ideas and reinvent yourself. Read more to find out how you can transform your curls to add a new dimension to your look. 
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We know that layered hairstyles are cool. But it can be cooler if you add curls and waves to your already posh hairstyle. Layers and curls are a great combination to add body and volume to your hair. Layered hair can be a great base for voluminous curls. The layers of the hair when curled create textures so your curls will not look flat and dull. This versatile hairstyle is very easy to maintain. You can sport this as your everyday look or for a special occasion.
Before getting a layered curly hairstyle, first, you need to consider the length of your hair. Remember that when you curl your straight hair, it will even get shorter. For naturally curly hair, follow the natural contour of your hair and you will never go wrong. Also, consider the shape of your face. Some face shapes fit well with short curls while others are best with long layered curls. Ready to get your layered curls? Here are some hairstyle ideas for you!

Middle-Part Curly Layer

Middle part curly layer
Source: Instagram @stylefeen
This layered curly hairstyle is very easy to style and looks very effortless. Middle-part curly layer creates a balance and frames your face. It accentuates the centre of your face so don’t forget to highlight the bridge of your nose. This works best for all hair lengths.

Curly Layer with Bang

Curly layer with bangs
Source: Instagram @alannanicolex
A cute way to style your layered curls is with a bang. This makes the face look smaller and younger. This layered hairstyle is best for women with a prominent forehead. The curled bangs cover the forehead to accentuate your other facial features.

Layered Lob

Curly lob
Source: Instagram @curlygirl_lex_

This medium length hairstyle is a longer version of a bob. The length of the hair falls between the chin and the shoulder. This is for women with long hair but does not want to commit to a bob.

Side Swept Bang

Side swept bang
Source: Instagram @nathaliebarros

Side-swept bang is best to pair with beach waves or naturally curly hair. This will give you a chic and fashionable look. Part your hair on the opposite side where you want to highlight your facial features.

Short Layered Bob
Short Layered bob
Source: Instagram @bodybalancer
If you can’t wait for your hair to grow longer, this layered curly bob is for you. This is a curled hairstyle that adds volume to your short hair. This chic hairstyle works best for women with long faces. It also accentuates the neck giving a soft but sensual look.

Long Layered Bob

Long layered bob by Delia Cobas Chacón
Source: Instagram @delia.cbs

A long layered curly bob is very similar to a lob. The medium length hair falls between the chin and the neck. This works well on all face shape and needs very little maintenance.

Layered Beach Curl

Long beachy curl by lrina Zeiser
Source: Instagram @larinabeauty

This soft and summer-ready hairstyle is perfect for medium to long hair. This gives a messy but chic look to your hair. This hairstyle may look effortless but it needs some maintenance and styling.

Messy Layers

Messy Layers by dinadenoire
Source: Instagram @dinadenoire
“I woke up like this” vibe is what you get from these messy layered curls. This effortless hairstyle is best for women with wavy hair. Style your layered curls by adding messy fringe for that chic look.

Ponytail with Face Framing Layer

Ponytail with Face Framing Layer by cecilia laulanne
Source: Instagram @cecilialaulanne
Curls are meant to be shown off. But if you want to tie them, tie them in style! Do a ponytail with face-framing layers. Start the layer of your bangs from your chin or your nose. This will frame your face perfectly!

Curly Pixie Layer

Curly pixie layer by Joyce Pereira
Source: Instagram @joycoper

Curly hair and pixie layered seem to be an incompatible mix. But you will be surprised how this hairstyle rocks! This may be limiting but you can add colour to your curly layers to add texture and dimension.

Volumizing Hair With Layers

Volumizing Hair With Layers by steffany borge
Source: Instagram @steffany_borge
Want to add volume to your curls? Style your hair with layers and you will get an instant lift! This versatile hairstyle works best for all hair lengths.

Layer for Fine Hair

Layers for fine hair by Kaela Tavares
Source: Instagram @kaelatavares_
If your fine hair is looking dull and flat, add layers and waves to get instant volume. Layered waves can lift your hair and make it look voluminous. But be careful not to overdo it. Fine hairs can only support light layering. A light hairspray can help you to keep the waves.

Layer for Thin Hair

Layer for Thin Hair by karadacosta
Source: Instagram @karadacosta
Layering can add volume to your hair. But be careful not to trim too much or your curls will look flat. Opt for a light layering and colour your hair to add texture.

Layer for Thick Hair

Layer for Thick Hair by honeycaycay
Source: Instagram @curlharistyle
Add movement to your thick curls by styling it with a layered cut. Too much volume is never too much with this hairstyle! This is best for medium to long hair. This also makes the face look smaller.

Short Layered Curls

Short layered curls by aminamarie
Source: Instagram @aminamarie

Short curly hair has natural volume. Compared to long hair, short hair does not weigh down itself so they can keep their natural lift.

Long Layered Curls

Long layered curls by vitoria_lorrayn3
Source: Instagram @vitoria_lorrayn3
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Layering long hair will add volume and texture to your curls. Longer hair tends to weigh itself down. You can add layers to lessen the weight of your hair while keeping its length.

Medium Layered Curls

Meidum layered curls by virdiisunique
Source: Instagram @virdiisunique
Medium layered curls that sit right on top of your shoulders make your face look smaller. You can do the middle part or side part and still look chic with this hairstyle.

Ombre Layer on Short Curls

Ombre on layered curls by wishuponacurl
Source: Instagram @wishuponacurl
Who said ombre is only for long hair? Well, short curls are making their entrance on the ombre game! Add playfulness and texture to your short curls with your favourite colour combos.

Layered Bob on Kinky Curls

Layered Bob on Kinky Curls by Emani Marie
Source: Instagram @emani.marie
Sometimes too much volume needs a lot of styling work. Layered kinky bobs will help you lighten your load. Style your kinky bob with layers to accentuate your sharp jawlines and long neck.

Layer on Tightly Coiled Hair

Layer on Tightly Coiled Hair by goldynaps
Source: Instagram @goldynaps

The curliest of them all! This hair type needs much love and care because of the nature of the hair strands. Add some layers to your tight curls to make them look healthier and bouncier.


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