Are Olaplex Products Worth The Hype And Money?

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If you are one to frequent going to the salon and style your hair, most likely you have heard or read the word “Olaplex” somewhere inside the salon. But what is Olaplex and why is it a sensation in the hairstyling community? Olaplex is an independent hair care brand that has over 100 patents worldwide. The brand has become a staple in the hairstyling industry because of the reparative miracles that it does to chemically treated and damaged hair. Olaplex works by repairing the bonds in our hair. The best thing is that it comes in bottles that you can bring home so you don’t need to spend a ton on money in the salon.

What are the benefits of using Olaplex products?

You might be asking of all the many hair care products in the market, why use Olaplex products? Most of the hair care treatment available in the market works only at the surface of the hair strands. But Olaplex goes deeper. It works at a molecular level to repair the damaged bond of our hair. These bond-building products make the hair stronger and healthier. Just imagine going to the salon to get a hair treatment, but this time, you can do it in the comfort of your own home. 

Do Olaplex products work?

With the hefty price tag of this product, you might have a second thought of buying this product. Yes, we agree that this is a bit on the pricey side but we guarantee, you get what you pay for! Does Olaplex work? A big YES! Many things have been said about this product and many customers share our enthusiasm when it comes to recommending the brand. People swear by this product because of the immediate effect that this can do on damaged hair. A once-a-week treatment that can do miracles to your hair! But not all Olaplex are the same. Here’s a quick round-up on the different Olpalex products for your different hair needs.

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Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 – The Best Seller

Strengthen and repair your damaged hair with the best-selling Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3. It is a weekly home treatment that reduces hair breakage by building broken bonds in the hair. Best works with No.0 Intensive Bond-building Hair Treatment.

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The product that started it all for the brand. Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 is the best-selling home treatment that does miracles to your hair. If you feel like your strands had enough heat and chemical styling, this product will redeem your hair from dying and dryness. Just give your hair an Olaplex treatment once a week and you are sure to get your strand back to health.

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Olaplex No. 4 – The Shampoo That Gives Back

An everyday nourishing and reparative shampoo that repairs and protects hair from stress and damage. Leave the hair healthier, smoother and more manageable. It is safe for colour-treated hair and works for all hair types.

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Who says that shampooing every day damages the hair? Not if you are using Olaplex No. 4. It is formulated to re-link broken bonds in the hair reducing split-ends, frizz and damage. If you have oily hair and scalp, this could be the saviour for your hair.


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Olaplex No. 5 – Say Goodbye to Frizz

Daily moisturizing and reparative conditioner for all hair types. It repairs and maintains bonds within the hair to eliminate frizz and fly-away. With a pH balance of 4.0 – 5.0, this conditioner is safe for all hair types and for colour-treated hair.  

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If you have hair that is prone to frizz and flyaway, try Olaplex No. 5 and say hello to manageable and smoother hair. After shampooing with Olaplex No. 4, go straight to No. 5 to complete the regimen.


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Olaplex No. 6 – The Leave-in Conditioner

Style your hair and keep it in shape with Olaplex No. 6 – The Leave-in Conditioner. Hydrate and smoothen your hair to add shine and softness to every strand. A concentrated leave-in cream that keeps hair frizz-free for 72 hours.

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Believe it or not, this product saves me blow-drying time. It makes blow-drying faster. But not only that, after blow-drying, my hair does not feel dry and brittle. If you don’t feel like blow-drying your hair no worries. Use this product as a leave-in conditioner for an instant solution to frizz.


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Olaplex No. 7 – The Big Finish

A weightless reparative oil that increases shine, vibrancy and softness. It has a concentrated formula that improves the appearance of the hair with just a few drops. It provides protection from heat while minimizing frizz and flyaway.

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Before you, blow-dry or iron your hair, apply Olaplex No. 7 to protect your strands from heat damage. This product is highly concentrated so a little goes a long way. So don’t worry about product build-up on your hair and scalp. Or if you simply need to add shine and smoothness to your hair, this is the product for you.


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Olaplex No. 8 – Time to Mask Up

With Olaplex patented Bond Building technology, this multi-benefit hair mask repairs the hair and keeps it shiny, smooth and full-bodied. Use once a week to give your hair intense moisture and hydration.

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Pamper your hair once a week with hydration and moisture using Olaplex No. 8. If your hair is lacking moisture due to chemical and heat treatment, this should be your number 1 choice for a hair mask. Super easy to use. Just apply it to your hair and wait for 10 minutes before rinsing. And voila! Healthy and moisturized hair!

olaplex 7 and olaplex 3

Much has been said about Olaplex hair products. All that is left is for you to go and try it for yourself. Yes, a little on the pricey side but we promise you will get what you paid for. Let us not forget to mention that all the products from this brand are chemical-free, cruelty-free and vegan. And let us take time to appreciate that the brand does its part in taking care of the environment. By reducing carbon footprints using less packaging. By developing sustainable products that protect nature and public health over time. Take care of yourself while you take care of the environment.


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