Travelling with curly hair? Here is what you need to know

written by Christina

Published on Nov 30, 2021

Now that the border restrictions are starting to ease up, most of us are starting to plan our vacation destinations. Everyone is itching to go back to the road or board a plane to just about anywhere. Pack all your bags and never forget your hair care essentials especially for curly travellers. Even as you travel, you still need to keep your curls bouncy and shiny for that perfect Instagram photo. So with the ton of products on your curly hair care box, what to pack for vacation with curls? Here are some travel styling tips for your curls and how to keep them in top shape.

Styling tips for curly hair on board and on the road

The destination is set and finally, you are about to hit the road. Here are some curly girl tips as you travel. If you are travelling by car, a silk bandana or a silk-lined cap is your best friend. Just imagine driving along the highway with the windows down to let the cool breeze in. And your curly hair is all over your face. Not a good start for a long road trip. What better way to keep your hair in place while still being chic and stylish than a colourful silk bandana! If you are travelling via plane, it is best to do a pineapple hairstyle. Unfortunately, the plane’s seat does not offer a silky smooth backrest so best protect your hair with a pineapple hairstyle.

5 ways that travelling with curly hair can be easier

Always make a plan


When going for a vacation, it is always best to prepare an itinerary so all places are covered and you will not waste any opportunity to see and experience things. Make your hair care routine part of your itinerary. We know that while on a vacation, you do not want to spend much of your time inside the hotel room doing your hair care routine. So plan and only do the essentials.

Bring your own products

Although hotels offer their own toiletries, it is best if you bring the basics. You do not need to bring much, just the basic curl products when travelling. This may include your shampoo, conditioner, heat and weather protectant hair oil or hair serum and leave-in conditioner. You can bring them in a travel-size bottle to save on luggage space. 

Bring your own silk pillowcase

Some hotels may offer satin pillowcases but most of them just use ordinary cotton pillowcases. And cotton pillowcases are not friends with our curls. So it is best to bring your own satin or silk pillowcase to protect your hair. Plus it ensures that you are using clean and hygienic pillowcases.

Protect your hair on the road


As we mentioned earlier, bring a bandana or a satin-lined cap when you are travelling via the road to protect your hair from the wind. And if you are travelling via plane, do a pineapple hairstyle to keep your hair protected from the seat’s not-so-silky-smooth backrest.

Pack as per the weather

When you are travelling, most likely that you pack your luggage based on the weather. Similar to your hair care essentials. If you are going on a beach trip, pack in some heat protectant hair spray or leave-in conditioner. If you are going to a cold or snowy place, never forget your satin-lined cap. Your curl products when travelling should match the weather and your activities at your destination.


Bring your own satin pillowcase whenever you travel to protect your hair from damage and hair fall. Not all hotels can give you silk and satin pillowcase so this one is a packing essential for those with curls. Plus it doesn’t cost a bomb so it wouldn’t hurt so much if you forget to pack your pillowcases going back.

silk pillow from addict to beauty

If you plan to travel by plane, do take note of the rules and regulations especially when it comes to bringing liquid in your hand carry. We recommend these TSA-approved travel size bottles so no issue when you check in.

TSA approved
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If you travel a lot, never forget to pack this dry shampoo on your backpack. It is an ultra-gentle, plant-based dry shampoo that eliminates oil, dirt and odours. Hair is clean with added volume and texture. Surely your hair will feel light and refreshed.

Dry shampoo
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This is my best travel buddy! I use this when the weather gets too hot and I need to tie my hair in a ponytail. Or when I travel on planes and do a high bun. When it is not on my hair, it stays on my wrist to keep it handy.

Scrunchies by padrehair

Whenever I travel to cold places, I always have this silk-lined beanie on my head. The outer cover keeps my head warm while the silk lining protects my hair from damage and dryness. Plus it is uber-stylish so I can wear it and still look chic.

silk lined beanie 1
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Every time we travel, we always think about what to wear and what accessories to bring. Little do we ever think of bringing hair care products and accessories and just depend on what we can find in our hotel room. But that should change! Now that the world is opening up again, never ever forget the best curl products when travelling. Pack light but always bring the essentials. You wouldn’t want to be posting vacation pictures on social media with your dry and flat curls, right?



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