Perfect Zodiac Sign Curly Hairstyles According To Horoscope

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Want a fresh start with your curly hair? Try matching your curly hair according to the zodiac sign. Yes, you can! We have curly zodiac hairstyles that suit you according to the Astrology sign.

Are you one to check on your horoscope every morning to see if lady luck is on your side? Or do you count on the stars to tell your fortune? Then you might wanna check your star sign and see which hairstyle is best for you. Yes, you heard it right! We got different curly hairstyles that suit you according to 12 zodiac signs. Weird? Not at all.

Zodiac signs tell a lot about the behavior and personality of the person. So why not match your hairstyle with your unique personality? Not saying that changing your hairstyle according to your zodiac will change your life. But it sure will make you feel better about yourself and attract positivity. And we are all for positivity and self-love here.

Here is a quick guide on how to style your curly hair to match your star sign.

Aries Hairstyles

Aries zodiac sign pixie hair
Source: IG @buzzcutfeed

Aries (March 21 to April 19) is the first sign of the zodiac which means the beginning and being first at everything. Aries is intelligent, courageous, determined and has a strong sense of leadership. They are always enthusiastic and a source of energy.

Haircut: Pixie cut is the best for strong-willed women like Aries. They are not scared of trying new things even daring pixie haircuts.

Hair color: Red is the color for Aries. It represents the fire of their passion and enthusiasm. Try a deep red pixie cut and get that fierce boss look.

Taurus Hairstyles

Taurus hairstyles
Source: [email protected]_samsbeauty

Taurus (April 20 to May 20) is an Earth sign meaning they are grounded, practical, and with a realistic perspective. They are also patient, reliable and always want to be surrounded by love and beauty (who doesn’t anyway?). Being an Earth sign, Taurus loves gardening and working with their hands.

Haircut: Taurus being practical and realistic, a less maintenance haircut will fit you. Let down your natural curls and let the beauty of your natural hair represent your zodiac sign. Use a volumizing shampoo to keep your curls alive!

Hair color: Add a layer to your natural hair using Earth colors. Brown highlight or ombre hair color will do the trick.

Gemini Hairstyles

Gemini zodiac sign undercut curly
Source: [email protected]

Gemini (May 21 to June 20) represents two distinct personalities. They are sociable and always ready for fun. But they can also be serious and restless. Geminis are gentle, and affectionate but always curious. Ready to experience life and open to many possibilities making them fun to be with and never boring.

Haircut: An undercut with side-swept curls is perfect for the two distinct personalities of a Gemini. Definitely not a boring hairstyle by a zodiac sign.

Hair color: Yellow is the color for Gemini. Blonde or light brown highlights can add more life to your unique combination of personalities.

Cancer Hairstyles

Cancer sign soft curl
Source: [email protected]

Cancer (June 21 to July 22) is a Zodiac with the element of water and they are the most challenging sign. They are emotional, sensitive, and very sympathetic. People under this star sign are loyal and deeply attached to their families. They are happy and content being surrounded by their family and the people that they love.

Haircut: Soft curls will match the emotion and sensitivity of this zodiac sign. Add a bang to keep this zodiac hairstyle easy at the same time stylish and chic.

Hair color: White is the color for Cancer. Go for a light-colored highlight or just go blonde all the way with your soft curls.

Leo Hairstyles

Leo hairstyles
Source: Instagram @sintia_la

Leo (July 23 to August 22) with their “king of the jungle” status is a natural-born leader. They are confident, dominant, and difficult to resist. But behind the toughness, they are also generous, loyal, and humorous. Leo tends to be arrogant, stubborn, and self-centered.

Haircut: Once you enter the room, your presence is easily felt. So you need a hairstyle that matches that personality. Voluminous curls match their dominant and powerful personality of Leo. Use a volumizing mousse to keep the volume of your curls.

Hair color: Orange and gold are the colors that fit this sign. Volume plus gold perfectly fits the royalty in every Leo.

Virgo Hairstyles

Virgo sign curly hairstyle
Source: [email protected]

Virgo (August 23 to September 22) is the most careful of all the zodiac signs. They are methodical, practical, and hardworking. They are perfectionists, detail-oriented, and very organized. Virgos are often misunderstood for their lack of empathy for others if they do not resonate with the reason.

Haircut: A glamorous curl hairstyle will match the perfectionist in every Virgo. This hairstyle is perfect for the methodical and detail-oriented characteristics of this zodiac.

Hair color: Grey is the color for Virgo. Add silver highlights to your glamorous curls to add texture and layer to your hair.

Libra Hairstyles

Pink curly hair of libra zodiac sign
Source: [email protected]

Libras (September 23 to October 22) are peaceful and fair. People under this sign enjoy balance and symmetry. They hate being alone and love partnership which gives them the ability to mirror themselves. Libras love music and art and are lovers of expensive and beautiful things.

Haircut: A middle-part curly layer is a perfect hairstyle for Libra who loves fairness and equality. Let down your curly hair and do a simple middle part.

Hair color: Pink is the color for Libra. You can do a pink highlight to add layers to your simple but chic middle part curly hair.

Scorpio Hairstyles

Scorpio hairstyles
Source: [email protected]

Scorpions (October 23 to November 22) are brave, decisive, and natural-born leaders. They are dedicated kinds of people and they sure know how to keep secrets so be sure to keep one Scorpion friend. A mix of attractive and mysterious characters are their sign of the zodiac. People under this zodiac sign dislike jealousy, suspicion, and dishonesty.

Haircut: Go bold and brave with your natural curls with this hairstyle by the Zodiac sign. Let your voluminous natural curls speak for the lady boss in you.

Hair color: Red is the sexy color for Scorpio. You can do burgundy or deep red color to match the hairstyle by this Zodiac sign.

Sagittarius Hairstyles

Sagittarius sign hairstyle with blue yarn
Source: [email protected]

Sagittarians (November 23 to December 22) are energetic and curious always wanting to travel and discover the world. They have fun energy, optimistic, and enthusiasm about life. Always willing to experience life and they have a good sense of humor.

Haircut: Braids are perfect for the adventurous life of a Sagittarian. Braids protect your hair while you go to places searching for new adventures and at the same time, still looking chic and stylish. Keep your hair clean while keeping your braids tight using dry shampoo.

Hair color: Blue is the color for Sagittarians. Try doing braids with yarns and bead accessories to complete your Zodiac hairstyle.

Capricorn Hairstyles

Capricorn curly hairstyles
Source: Instagram @urbanbloomcurls

Capricorns (December 23 to Jan 19) are the strong independent woman on the list. They are disciplined, responsible and they have a mastery of self-control. People under this sign are goal-oriented and are serious when it comes to getting on top.

Haircut: For the independent and strong woman in you, a layered curly hairstyle is perfect for you. Let the volume of your curls represent your zodiac sign in a fashionable way.

Hair color: Black and brown are the colors for Capricorn. Your gorgeous jet-black hair will match the strong and in-control woman that you are.

Aquarius Hairstyles

Aquarius curly hair
Source: [email protected]

Aquarians (January 20 to February 18) are shy and quiet but can be eclectic and energetic at the same time. They are deep thinkers and highly intellectual lack of mental stimulation bore them. People under this sign are generally positive and see the world with endless possibilities.

Haircut: A braided hairstyle will match your shy and quiet character in you. But when it comes to playtime, your braids will keep you looking neat and stylish.

Hair color: Light blue and silver for the Aquarians. You can do an ombre and combine the two colors for this water sign.

Pisces Hairstyles

Zodiac Pisces purple hair
Source: [email protected]_colorchameleon

Pisces (February 19 to March 20) are the friendliest in the group. They are compassionate, selfless and they are always willing to help others. People tend to gravitate towards Pisces because of these heart-warming characteristics. They are also artistic and have a deep connection to music.

Haircut: Wavy curls are perfect for this water sign. This simple yet chic hairstyle is perfect for the heart-warming characteristics of Pisces that make people love them.

Hair color: Purple, violet, lilac, and mauve are the perfect color for Pisces. You can do a purple ombre color on your waves and feel like a mermaid! Be sure to take care of your coloured hair by using vitamin shampoo.


Zodiac signs are there to guide us in our lives. They may speak some truth about our personality but we should still live our life at the most of our freedom and energy.

Even these Zodiac hairstyles for females are just fun guides to align fashion with the stars. But why not? If all these 12 zodiac signs can make us look more confident and beautiful from the inside then let the stars transform our hairstyles!

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