11 Enchanting Kids Party Hairstyles for Magical Moments

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Published on Feb 1, 2024

curly hair for kids

Discover the enchanting world of kids party hairstyles with our ‘Twirl-Worthy Curls’ collection. These easy and cute hairstyles are designed to complement the natural beauty of curly locks, adding whimsy and glamour to your little one’s special occasions. From enchanting braids to playful half-up styles, our fabulous looks promise confident, comfortable, and utterly stylish moments for kids at any party. Embrace the joy of childhood with these hassle-free yet stunning hairdos, making every celebration a picture-perfect memory for both kids and parents alike.

Curly Ponytail

Ponytail hairstyles stand out as a versatile and effortless choice, radiating both charm and practicality especially when it comes to kids party hairstyles. For our little ones with curly hair, a ponytail for girls becomes a simple yet chic solution to manage those bouncy locks with ease.

Whether it’s a high ponytail adorned with vibrant hair elastics, scrunchies, or a low, loose ponytail with ribbons, this style not only keeps hair neatly in place but also highlights the natural beauty of curls. Perfect for any celebration, this kids party hairstyle effortlessly combines style and convenience for a charming look that’s as delightful as the occasion itself.

Two pony hair for cute girl from simplybiiana 1


Bouncy Curls with Floral Headband

Natural curly hair by dollarcurlclub

From sweet pixie cuts adorned with vibrant accessories to playful bouncy curls that exude joy, our curated collection ensures your child steals the spotlight at every event. Embrace the whimsy of childhood with these party-perfect looks that effortlessly combine ease of styling with a touch of flair. Leaving the hair as it is a natural kids party hairstyles for those with short curly hairstyles and the ultimate party-ready charm, making every celebration a memorable and stylish affair for your little star.

Curly Top Knot

Accessorizing curls with hair accessories opens up a world of creative styling options.

From sparkly clips, bobby pins, and headbands to vibrant scarves and floral pins, these hair tie accessories effortlessly elevate curly, adding a playful and personalized touch. 

cute hair with accessories from lunamarinhoof

Bouncy Curls with Floral Headband

Delight your little one with a playful and girly look by styling her hair in bouncy curls adorned with a charming floral headband.

The curls add a touch of whimsy, while the headband introduces a pop of color and a hint of nature, making it a perfect choice for both casual and special occasions.

bouncy curls with floral headbands
Via Pinterest

Space Buns with Mini Braids for a Party

For a fun and festive vibe, consider creating space buns for your child, accented with adorable mini braids.

This hairstyle for little girls is not only trendy but also practical, keeping hair off the face during playtime. 

bun with mini braids by school hair the easy way

Half-Up, Half-Down Curly Style for Kids 

Strike a balance between sophistication and playfulness with a half-up, half-down curly hairstyle. This versatile look allows your child to enjoy the comfort of having some hair down while keeping the rest neatly secured.

It’s a timeless choice suitable for various occasions, from school days to family events. 

half up half down hair by m01.16

Curly Pigtails for Kids Hairstyles

Classic and charming, curly pigtails never go out of style. This sweet and innocent look is perfect for everyday wear and can be easily achieved by parting the hair into two sections and securing each with colorful elastics. 

curly pig tail hair by no.co mi.hair

Curly Fishtail Braid: Mermaid-Inspired Waves

Channel the enchanting beauty of mermaids by styling your child’s hair into a curly fishtail braid.

The cascading waves resemble a mermaid’s flowing locks, creating a magical and whimsical appearance. 

fish tail braids by inthelifeoftayt

Curly Top Knot Hair for a Party

Elevate your child’s party look with a curly top knot hairstyle. This chic and polished option keeps the hair neatly gathered at the top while letting the curls shine.

It’s a sophisticated choice that adds a touch of glamour to any celebration.

top knot hair by khylasheree

Ribbon-Wrapped Curls

Infuse a playful twist into your child’s curly ponytail by incorporating colorful ribbons. After styling the curls, wrap vibrant ribbons around sections of the ponytail, creating a cheerful and whimsical effect.

This accessory-filled style is perfect for expressing your child’s vibrant personality.

ribbon wrapped curls for kids
Via Pinterest

Curly Bow Bun for kids

Amp up the cuteness factor with a curly bow bun for your little one.

Gather the hair into a high bun and adorn it with a bow made from her curls. This adorable and creative hairstyle is sure to capture attention and make your child feel like a star at any event.

curly bow bun hair for kis
Via Pinterest

How do I choose the best hairstyle for my child’s curly hair for a party?

Consider your child’s hair length, texture, and the theme of the party. Shorter hair might suit styles like braided crowns or curly buns, while longer hair can accommodate various updos or loose curls with accessories. Select a hairstyle that matches your child’s comfort level and complements their personality.

Are these hairstyles suitable for different ages of children?

Yes, the hairstyles presented in “Twirl-Worthy Curls” cater to a wide range of ages, from toddlers to older children. They offer versatility and can be adjusted based on the child’s age and preferences.

Can I personalize these hairstyles to match a specific party theme or outfit?

Absolutely! The resource encourages creativity and provides ideas on how to incorporate elements such as themed accessories, colors, or braiding styles to align with specific party themes or outfits.

What should I do if my child’s hair is difficult to manage or prone to frizz?

The resource includes tips on hair care and techniques to manage frizz or unruly curls. Suggestions on suitable products and methods for styling curly hair are provided to help parents tackle common hair issues effectively.

How difficult are these hairstyles to recreate at home?

Many of these hairstyles are surprisingly easy to recreate at home with some practice. Online tutorials and guides can help parents achieve the desired magical look for their child’s party effortlessly.

Are these hairstyles suitable for different hair types and lengths?

Whether your child has short, medium, or long hair, these enchanting party hairstyles can be adapted to suit various hair types. Adjustments can be made to accommodate different lengths and textures.

Can these hairstyles withstand the energetic activities at a kids’ party?

Most of these hairstyles are designed to be both stylish and practical. While they may vary in complexity, they are generally suitable for active kids, ensuring that the magical moments aren’t hindered by hair concerns.


In conclusion, “Twirl-Worthy Curls: Fun and Fabulous Party Easy Hairstyles” embodies the perfect fusion of creativity, ease, and charm, providing an array of captivating hairstyles for children’s special occasions.

These easy curly hair back not only celebrate the inherent beauty of curls but also keep her hair into delightful, eye-catching styles that suit any party atmosphere. From whimsical updos to enchanting braids and playful ponytails, the versatility of these easy hairstyles ensures that kids can effortlessly flaunt their curly locks with confidence and flair.


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